UC Davis Ice Hockey is a club team that competes in the Tier 2 North Division of the West Coast Hockey Conference (WCHC) of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). Founded in the early 80s, the team has a long history playing against teams from around the area. The Aggies generally take players looking to continue playing ice hockey at a high level, but also have many newcomers to hockey looking to learn the game. The team is run by and for the players, and is self-funded.

Over the years, the success of the team has varied widely, from winning the PCHA to making regionals. The team is always motivated, excited, and ready to play for a full season—a season which goes from October to February. Over the course of the two quarters, the Aggies play around 20 games and look to get the best possible record in attempt to make the playoffs.


The Aggies take on local teams, including Santa Clara University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Stanford University, and UC Santa Cruz, among others.

The Aggies' home rink is Vacaville Ice Sports, located at 551 Davis St. in Vacaville, CA.