Nicol-ose, but Naz' Cigar

This weekend, two teams traveled up to Davis from Southern California to take on the Aggies. Friday night, it was Chapman University. The game was delayed heavily due to flooding along the 5 freeway, leading to a two and a half hour delay before the start of the game. When it did get started, the waiting looked to have taken a toll on the Aggies, who got off to a slow start. Chapman would score three quick goals to start the game off, and UC Davis lacked much offense. The first period went by without an Aggie goal. The second started off much the same as the first, with Champan scoring another, before Gordon Dickson caught a lucky bounce to get UC Davis on the board. From there, the score would bounce back and forth as Chapman and the Aggies exchanged goals, before leaving the second period 7-2 in favor of Chapman.

The Aggies were determined not to be stepped on, however. The third period saw a renewed Aggies squad, who exploded with goal after goal, led by Gordon Dickson. The comeback was very strong, but unfortunately not strong enough, as the Aggies came just short after missing a chance within ten seconds of the end of the game. Chapman would win the game 7-8, with Gordon Dickson scoring 6 goals.

Here is the post-game interview by Gunther Schuler and Hanna Hone:

The next day the Aggies took on College of the Canyons in the afternoon. The Aggies started this one off stronger, scoring the first goal relatively quickly in the game. Nicolaus Nazarenkov would score his first goal as an Aggie for UC Davis' second goal.

After that, however, the Aggies' offense waned as the tired legs of the players started to show. College of the Canyons put away many goals, and by the end of the second period, the Aggies were in the same situation as they were the previous night, and were down 8-2. This time, however, the Aggies could not mount an answer, scoring only two goals in the third to College of the Canyon's three. The game ended 4-11 in favor of College of the Canyons.

Here is the post-game interview by David Exley and Nicolaus Nazarenkov:

It was a forgettable weekend for the Aggies, who were missing players due to illness. They look to bounce back and practice hard this week for Santa Rosa next weekend.

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