Now You're 'Lyssa-ning!

This weekend the Aggies traveled to a crowded Oakland Ice rink to play San Francisco State University for the second time this season. Alumni Kaleb Klauber and Josh Nelson were behind the bench, as coach Pete Fenolio was unavailable for the game. In a stunning show of force, the Aggies scored time and time again, taking a dominant 19-2 victory. It was a fun game for UC Davis' rookies, each of whom now have scored at least one goal this season. David Exley scored the first of the rookies, followed by Alyssa Valentine, who would go on to score 2 more for her first hat trick. Hanna Hone scored her first as well, while goaltender Michael Bodamer picked up his first win of the season. The Gators really did not have an answer to the Aggies, who outshot the opposition 60-10.

Captain Gordon Dickson scored an astounding 14 points, and Kaz Machida scored 8 in the victory. UC Davis moves to 3-3 on the season. Next week will not be as easy, however, as the Aggies will take on Santa Clara University twice in a home-and-home matchup.

Have a look at the "interview" from the game by Sam Lehr and Michael Bodamer:

Here are some pictures from the game:

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