Gor'gantuan Victory

Aggies demoralize Chapman in gargantuan rivalry game

The fans were in for a tremendous night after the Aggies drove 7 hours on their annual road trip to Anaheim, where they faced Champman University for the second time this season. After an 8-7 loss in the previous quarter, the Aggies were out for revenge.

The faced paced game began with a bang, as the both teams came out flying. The long drive seemed to have no effect on the Aggies, who took the first few shifts with purpose. A hard battle characterized the first period, with both teams out to prove something. Chapman University would score first, but the Gordon Dickson would respond quickly to tie the game at 1. The score would even again after the first period with a goal by Kazunori Machida to keep the game close. Strong defensive play characterized the low scoring period, which ended at 2-2.

The second period started just as fast as the first--the Aggies leading the charge to gain the lead. Penalties on both sides, however, allowed the score to increase team by team, as the score kept close with goals from Nicholas Nazarenkov and Gordon DIckson. However, the Davis defense would lapse and the Aggies would fall into a two goal deficit, ending the second period at 6-4.

The Aggies weren't done yet, however. On a mission to avenge themselves, UC Davis came out hot and scored a goal in 31 seconds to pull within one goal. Strong goaltending by Niklas Braun and forechecking by Aidan Scott held the game close, while a hat-trick goal from Kazunori Machida tied the game at 6. From then on, it was a close battle: both teams fought with tremendous effort for a chance at a goal. In 4 on 4 hockey, however, it was Kyle Armstrong who would open up a 2 on 0 breakaway to allow Gordon Dickson to get the game-winning goal. An empty netter by Kaz would seal the game at 8-6 in a tremendous team effort.

On Saturday, the Aggies take on UCSD. We hope to see you there!

WATCH NOW: Shai Bruhis and Chris Tse discuss the 8-6 victory over Chapman University

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