Aggies Set to Return from Break

After going 2-5 in the first half of their season, the Aggies have taken a much-needed break from November 19th until their first practice on January 9th, 2017. Although their record may not look good, it certainly does not tell the full story.

Captain Gordon Dickson is hopeful looking into this next half. "It was a new team coming into the year and we knew that it was impossible to expect immense success right away," he said, continuing on to say, "I still have faith in our bunch and know when we're playing our best, we can compete with any team in this league."

It hasn't been easy for the Aggies to go from a Division 3 team to a Division 2 team - it came with challenges like having to face top-tier teams weekly, such as San Jose State University. It can certainly be demotivating to play teams like UC Berkeley with immense depth to their core. But the Aggies remain hopeful with Dickson affirming what the team is thinking: "We want to end this on a high note. We'll be ready come playoffs."

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