Quenti-ssential Victory

This Friday, the Aggies drove out to Santa Rosa to play SRJC. It was the first of two games in two weekends that the teams will meet. Having lost to the Polar Bears twice this season, including a 10-12 thriller at the end of the last quarter, the Aggies were expecting to fight for a win.

And fight they did, only this time, a depleted Santa Rosa squad did not have an answer. Missing a large part of their former roster, Santa Rosa struggled in every department to fend off UC Davis' attack. The Aggies opened the floodgates less than five minutes into the first period, and from there took command of the game, scoring six goals in the first period, all from K. Teeple, Kaz Machida, and Gordon Dickson.

The second period was much of the same, with the Aggies facing a more aggressive Polar Bear team. However, they were held back with strong defense, while the Aggies piled on five more goals. Gunther Schuler added to the goal-scorer list.

The last frame saw UC Davis hold onto their shutout to go along with four more goals, topping the game off at 15-0. Rookie and Santa Rosa local Greg McDonald was also credited with a goal, finishing off a two-on-one pass from Gordon Dickson. Goaltender Niklas Braun received his second shutout of the season just three weeks apart, stopping 42 shots. It was the first time UC Davis had won in Santa Rosa in over four years.

This Sunday, the Aggies will travel to Redwood City to face Stanford University for the first time this season. They will look to improve on their 6-6 record.

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