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Late last Sunday, UC Davis traveled to Ice Oasis in Redwood city to face Stanford University. The Aggies were coming off of a 15-0 victory over Santa Rosa, and had no intentions of slowing down. The late night game proved more challenging than expected, however.

The Aggies took the lead after a slow start from both sides in the first period, but Stanford didn't sit back. The Aggies were missing a couple of defensive pieces that caused some trouble, allowing Stanford a couple of goals. The second period proved much of the same, with the Aggies struggling to output at their normal pace while letting Stanford through on a number of occasions. They battled through, however, with multiple goals from Gordon Dickson, Kaz Machida, and William Teeple.

The Aggies ended on top in a lackluster 10-5 victory. They look to revitalize the team with Santa Rosa coming to Vacaville this coming Saturday.

Attention: next Sunday's game against Stanford has been canceled.

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