School Year
Alex Fisher-Wagner

Assistant Coach

Max Koenig

Sophomore, Musicology

Phillip Royle


Evan Rhoderick

Senior, Afrology and Indictment

Brian Kim

Senior, Surveillance

Alex Valdes

Sophomore, Globular Affairs

Evan Baughman

Assistant Coach

Jonah Kalmar

Freshman, Anthropomorphism

Erez Frank

Junior, Elevator Maintenance and Mechanical Geography

Wyatt Moore

Freshman, Afluenzal S.F.R.

Franchesca Johannsen

Sophomore, Utensil-Molding, Farmth, Parisian Animal Domestication, and Controversial Bylaws, Quadruple Minor

Lucy Wang

Freshman, Motors

Heiarii Gurion

Freshman, Op-Ed Fortification in the Modern World (Doctrinal Thesis: 'The Ethics of Having None')

Cameron Stone

Freshman, Historical Demeritism

Michael Applegate

Senior, Independent Study: The Color Purple, Minor in Reptilian Ambidexterity

Chris Dunleavy

Senior, Ancient Aztec Film Production, Minor in War 

Anthony Goldhawk

Junior, Economics, Science, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Country Music, Quadruple Minor

Eli Hamlin

Junior, Letter-Writing and Homemade Craftsmanship

Catherine Heyboer

2nd Year at PAWS Learning Center for Enrichment

Timur Katsnelson

1st Year at School of Fish (Focus in Nepotism)

Jason Kollesavich

Senior, Artisan Welding and Ten Eerie Historical Coincidences That You Wouldn't Believe Are True But Actually Are!, Double Major

Kush Patel


Robert Polon

Senior, Culinary Medicine, Minor in Evolutionary Pyrotechnics

Manuel Reyna

Senior, Managerial Economics and Cattle Grazing Double Major

Keisuke Teeple

5th Year Ph.D. at the Finchery Insitute of Collective Ambiguity (Focus in Non-Discriminatory Studies)

Travis Wood

Senior, Undeclimated (Possibly Bird Science)

Niklas Braun

Head Coach